The team behind

The team behind Nordic Energy Storage ApS is three experienced, dedicated, and ambitious engineers, all with solid experience in project development in the energy sector, as well as a large customer and contact network within industrial companies, utility companies, agriculture, and energy producers.


Nicolaj Rotbøl


+45 5055 0264

Kristian Hegner


+45 5055 0150

Sofus Hegner

Executive Asistant

We are seasoned project developers who see opportunities and seize them

Good project development requires both experience and a special ability to seize opportunities when they arise. We have the skills and can help you reaching your goals.


We possess the latest technical knowledge on Energy Storage solutions and transform that knowledge into high-quality professional solutions

Battery technology is evolving so rapidly that it requires constant improvement to keep up. We know and transform the latest know-how into the most optimal solutions for you, both economically and in terms of energy.


We master subsidy schemes, tax rules, and other public co-financing schemes and funds

The energy sector is complex, and it's moving fast these days, with significant legislative changes occurring globally, both in the EU, and in Denmark. Many funds are being allocated to support the green transition. We help you navigate safely through complex legislation, subsidies, and funds.


We know the different actors in the energy market, from ministries and municipalities to utility companies, suppliers, industrial companies, and agriculture.

Energy projects involve many stakeholders who often have opposing interests and need to be approached in different ways. We know how to adress the actors, so your project doesn't experience unnecessary bumps along the way.